Tayberry Cream Cheese Pie

I am cooking with locally picked tayberries this week. I made tayberry jam yesterday and have lots of berries leftover. I was surprised at how few recipes there were for this lovely berry. Tayberries are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry and are sometimes a bit tart. I think the tartness is what I like about them. Here is a recipe I am making for dinner tonight. The kids are coming over for a barbecue so they will be my guinea pigs. I used to have a great strawberry pie recipe but after searching the house I have come to the conclusion that I tossed it out. Today I took parts of other recipes and changed them to duplicate my original recipe. You can make your own pie shell, I just happened to have a pre-made one on hand. 
1 pie single pie crust, baked as on package. Let cool.
Blend cream cheese and icing sugar in medium sized bowl.

8 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup icing sugar
Spread cream cheese-sugar mixture evenly over baked pie crust covering sides and bottom.

Make glaze for pie in a small saucepan. Combine 2 cups of crushed fresh berries with lemon juice, cornstarch and sugar.

I like to mash the berries with a potato masher and if using tayberries I will pick out the larger cores from the berries.  They are thin white cores. If you eat a berry you wouldn’t notice them but in a  glaze I  would rather not see them. Could be I am just picky but it doesn’t take long to lift them out.

2 cups fresh tayberries, crushed
2 tbsp. lemon juice
4 tbsp. cornstarch
2/3 cups sugar

Cook the glaze ingredients over medium heat stirring so it doesn’t burn. When it boils and thickens remove from the heat to cool for a few minutes.

Layer 2 cups fresh whole tayberries over pie shell covering cream cheese layer.

 Pour finished glaze over top and place in fridge until set. Top with whip cream to serve. This recipe can be used with any fresh berry. Enjoy the fresh berries while they are in season!

Here is the finished product, a pie that everyone said was the best they had tasted.