How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

I love Azaleas and Rhododendrons and my yard is full of them. They are so easy to grow here in the Pacific Northwest.

How I rejuvenated an Old Azalea

I have just two Azaleas in my yard and they are one of my favourite colours.
How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

One is this light shade of salmon.

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

The other one is a bit darker with coral overtones. When these plants bloom they are breathtaking in the spring.

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

Okay one problem, they don’t look very nice the rest of the year. Ever since we moved in nine years ago, we have had branches just die off on the top of each of the Azaleas. If you click on the very top picture you can see how ugly they really look. They become quite straggly and covered in lichens. The photo above shows you how they looked yesterday before I started cutting, yes, cutting. Over the last few years we have been gradually removing all the dead growth. What we were surprised to see is all the new growth shooting out from the base. This year the lower shoots bloomed! Now I knew that the plant would be okay with some hard pruning.

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

So I got my pruning saw and loppers out and removed all the top growth leaving this main branch in the middle. Would I cut it to the ground?

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

On closer inspection of the main branch, I spotted some new growth so I lopped the stem off just above this point being careful not to injure the new growth.

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

This is the end result on one of the Azaleas. I keep walking by and thinking,”Wow, that’s short!”

How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

This is the second one with part of a main stem still left. Hubby wanted me to leave it. I think he thought I was killing the plants but I know I will be rewarded with a more vigorous plant. Once the second plant develops some more growth the thicker stems will be removed.

3 thoughts on “How I Rejuvenated an Old Azalea

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  2. What a great project. You’ve done a really good job there. The plants will really appreciate it and you’ll be well rewarded next yr. Don’t they really like their soil to be more on the acid side? They are such pretty flowering shrubs.

  3. Yes, they do like soil on the acidic side. We live in BC where there is plenty of rainfall and as such creates the right environment for growing Rhodos and Azaleas.

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